About Us

Simcoe Natural Foods was founded in 1987 by the husband and wife team of Gail and Tim Lyons when it was discovered that their son had severe food allergies. It was frustrating to find foods he could eat, so they decided to open a natural foods store in their local town of Simcoe.

 Laura Maguire

The store complimented and filled a void in the town and now provides a multitude of healthy eating, living and lifestyle products. Everything from household cleaners, to organic beauty, to grocery and bulk items, as well as supplements.

Simcoe Natural Foods has provided natural and healthy choices for over 30 years with Laura Maguire taking ownership in 2018.


We have been wanting to expand our product base to give you more selection to choose from, but it has been a difficult process for us to work through, finding a way to make this work. We have limited shelf space to work with and a HUGE list of options to select from.

The solution has finally arrived and we are excited!! We have “partnered” with NHD Direct, another natural health product distribution chain, to enable you to shop for products and brands that we don’t normally stock.

At Simcoe Natural Foods, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best, highest quality, natural and organic products that we can offer. Everything from food to personal care items, supplements to cleaning products.

Helping You Put Good Things In Your Pantry!

Thank you for choosing to shop with and support Simcoe Natural Foods!!!